Based in Kobe, purchase, recycle, process and sell waste plastic materials from all over Kansai.
Repla Corporation Limited

Businesss information

We are a company that recycles plastics based in Kobe. We purchase waste plastic materials, recycle each material, and sell it to domestic and overseas consumers. We will introduce a granulation facility for films and hard plastics and establish a recycling system that penetrates all the way to recycled pellets.

Recycling of plastics, contracted processing

Cleaning and dehydration process water treatment

Buying and selling of plastic raw materials

We purchase recycled products, product losses, excess inventory, etc. from resin raw material manufacturers, product manufacturers, and distributors as raw materials and sell them to domestic and overseas manufacturers.

Plastic recycling consulting

Utilizing our know-how and network, we will contribute to the CSR of our business partners and support their sustainable growth.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any of the following requests or problems.
  • We want to reduce the amount of waste generated from our business activities.
  • I want to know how to sort and recycle that can be recycled.
  • I want to make a return of product loss, but I can’t do it due to technology, people, things, and time.

Overseas sales

At our company, we can carry out export business and overseas sales consistently at group companies. We can also provide clear traceability of products.


Please feel free to contact us regarding recycle plastics.

TEL 078-381-6917

Reception time:Monday to Friday /9:00-7:00