Based in Kobe, purchase, recycle, process and sell waste plastic materials from all over Kansai.
Repla Corporation Limited

Products handled

General-purpose resin

Soft LD, HDPE, etc.
PE film

Transparent, miscellaneous color film with little stains, such as stretches for packaging, plastic bags for product packaging, and shopping bags.

PP / PE hard series
PP / PE container

Beer case, sake case, food case, folding case, etc. Consultation is required for metal.

PP / PE pallet

Items discharged from distribution warehouses, shipping companies, product factories, etc. Metal-embedded ones are not allowed.

HDPE bellows

Buried protection pipes such as electric wires. Used ones are also acceptable. Consultation is required for soil stains.

HDPE drums

200L, 100L liquid containers, cubic meter tanks, etc. No residual liquid such as chemicals.

HDPE container

Mainly 20L containers (kerosene cans) with no residual liquid or odor.

PP band

It is a band for wrapping and packing goods, and it is not possible to recycle products with metal or additives.

Engineering plastic

PA (polyamide) POM (polyacetal)
Molding(Other colors)
Molding(Other colors)
PC (Polycarbonade)
Lump(Other colors)

PET bottles

Beverage PET bottles, unused and used products, labels and caps are also available.

A grade(without label and cap)
B grade(without label)
C grade


Please feel free to contact us regarding recycle plastics.

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