Based in Kobe, purchase, recycle, process and sell waste plastic materials from all over Kansai.
Repla Corporation Limited

Environmental conservation efforts

Environmental policy

  • We will strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote energy conservation in our business activities.
  • We will work on environmental management company-wide.
  • We will set environmental targets and continue to review and improve based on the results.
  • We will provide environmental education to all employees and foster an attitude of working on environmental conservation through business activities.

We contribute to the “realization of a sustainable society” through our plastic recycling business.

The United Nations has adopted the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) due to growing global awareness of social issues such as environmental issues. We are focusing on the following 6 items.

Goal 6 [Water・ Sanitation]

By using rainwater in the plastic cleaning process and circulating it, the amount of water used is reduced, and wastewater is properly treated and discharged.

Goal 8 [Economic Growth and Employment]

We take pride in the recycling business and promote “creating a comfortable working environment” where all employees can enjoy and play an active role together.

Goal 11 [Sustainable City]

Through plastic recycling, we will contribute to the construction of social infrastructure in the city where people can continue to live.

Goal 12 [Sustainable consumption and production]

We will contribute to sustainable consumption and production by building a unique supply chain that consistently handles the purchase, recycling, distribution, and sales of waste plastic materials.

Goal 13 [Climate change]

We will actively introduce renewable energy, electrify and hybridize the vehicles and heavy machinery used, and create an in-house environment that can achieve CO2 emission reduction targets.

Goal 14 [Marine resources]

Contributes to the prevention and reduction of marine pollution caused by plastic-derived waste.


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